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Three Alabama women known for their involvement in politics and Alabama media recently joined the burgeoning tech trend of podcast production. The podcast name is a play on the statistics term “Bell Curve” and the hosts’ southern belle roots. In this first episode, the three women each introduce themselves and talk about their goals for Belle Curve and topics they expect to cover, from the nerdy to the normal, the practical to the philosophical, the head to the heart. Mary Scott, Rachel, and Liz are connected by friendship, by a common desire to speak up with strong voices, and in support of each other.

[2:45]  Mary Scott introduces herself.  Describes doing a “Who Am I” talk to her Rotary, a group of older men and how that was a little funny taking the direction, “We are what we think about.” Her motto is “Integrity First, Service Before Self, Excellence In all we do.”   

[6:40 ]  Liz Beshears introduces herself.  She’s part of a big family, the middle child, but also the oldest girl.  “I’m a reader and a writer and a traveler.”   Mottos are “Strength Rejoices in the Challenge” and  “We’ll figure it out!” 

[12:40]  Rachel introduces herself.  “I like to be the underdog….like to be underestimated.”  Rachel makes fun of herself remembering a time as a young reporter she was sent out to cover the first snow.  “Be a roaring lamb.”  She likes Wonder Woman.   

[25:40]  What we hope this podcast to be.   

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Rachel: [00:00:31] Hello and welcome to Belle Curve. My name is Rachel Blackmon Bryars. I am joined by my co-hosts Mary Scott Hunter. 

Mary Scott: Hello!

Rachel: and Liz BeShears. 

Liz: Hello! 

Rachel: y’all you’re so so so so excited because today is [00:00:46] our first podcast and we’ve been thinking about this forever. Yes. We’re cheering. We hope that all of you will just raise a glass with us because you know, when you think that something’s going to be kind of easy to figure out and then you get into and you’re like, oh, whoa, this is [00:01:01] like this is kind of a technical and there’s a lot to this and I’m going to say that’s what podcasting has been but it’s been it just a huge enormous amount of fun to start. So we thought what we would do today as we launch into into Belle Curve podcast [00:01:16] is just to tell you a little bit about who we are tell you about what we hope for the podcast talk about our name and just kind of let you get to know us a little bit since we hope that you’ll be joining us on this journey

Mary Scott: and I think our listeners will some of them may not listen To this podcast right [00:01:31] at the beginning but if they if they catch up to us in a few years, I might go back to the beginning and they want to know who we are. So I think it’s important to take a few minutes. 

Rachel: Exactly. And can I just say on that point that we have been very encouraged going back and listening to our favorite podcasters First episodes. It makes us feel so much [00:01:46] better about some of our little like clearly 

Liz: Everybody has to start somewhere! 

Rachel: you just so y’all like we should we ask God to forgive us for any technical glitches over the next four or five episodes and just you know, laugh with us laugh at us were totally fine with that. In fact, I had to tell a funny thing [00:02:01] about Mary Scott that we were trying to test our audio I have this hilarious picture of her she she had like pulled his blanket up overhead to try to like get the the background noise out and she just looked like she was preparing for the zombie [00:02:16] apocalypse and she was yeah, I can see her over the Skype and she’s like, how do I sound now? And it’s like hiding under this huge blanket our adventures and podcasting you really been something.

Mary Scott: Hey sound matters. I was I was willing to take one for the team and [00:02:31] do my podcast under a blanket every time if we needed to thought it was much better than redecorating the study with all carpets and carpeted ceiling. So but anyway, we did we did not go to that length listeners. I’m sorry. You may hear some hard [00:02:46] sounds. Yeah

Rachel:  well Mary Scott. Can you just tell us a little bit about yourself?

Mary Scott: So I am Mary Scott Hunter I am we’re all Alabamians, but I live in Huntsville, Alabama. And bio info, I am married to [00:03:01] John Schultz. I have three children ages 11, 12 ,and 15. I am a lawyer. I work at a company in house a company called Intuitive Research and Technology we’re an aerospace company and I am a veteran. I was in the Air Force [00:03:16] that’s where I started my lawyer and career as an Air Force JAG and came through that and went to work for a local firm after I got out and then I’ve been in house for the last six going on seven years and that’s kind of the Bio, Resume info. [00:03:31] I also was an elected official for a while. I was served on the Alabama State Board of Education for two terms and it was awesome. And I loved it and I love education policy and and enjoyed politics to not always but you know, it had its advantages. [00:03:46] It was interesting. We live in interesting times. I want to say that I had after I now that I’ve just rolled off the Alabama state board. I’ve had some time freed up and so [00:04:01] I was really I tried to think about what I wanted to do and just be really thoughtful about that not fall into things and one of the things I did was I joined the Rotary Club. Now, I got asked to join the downtown rotary and I hope these very sweet [00:04:16] Old Gentleman never listen to our podcast because this is like the old guys old Rich guys Club, you know, but they do awesome work. They they do all these awesome programs in the schools, and I’m in this mode of wanting to help one at a time and [00:04:31] not do broad education policy. So I joined and I’ve just really really enjoyed it. But they are one of the things I asked new members to do is this stand up in front of the club and the club is a couple hundred people y’all of like the most successful [00:04:46] people in our town, and say who you are. And so I joined I know this was part of the drill and so they said okay next week. You’re going to stand up Mary Scott and do this. Who am I speech in 3 minutes? Can you go like no. I cannot go next week! I don’t know who I am between [00:05:01] now and next week. So anyway, it was a really good exercise and I thought this was a great question, Rachel, because it made me kind of go back to that. And what I said to to the club is that we are what we think about [00:05:16] and so I just kind of rolled through what I think about my husband, my children, my parents, my family, my friends. I’ve thought a lot about education Alabama in the past and politics my Is an entrepreneur he [00:05:31] owns his own company. So I think a lot about that and I think a lot about the company I work for, I like to laugh. I think that’s why the three of us are best of friends because we all like to laugh and you know, I’m a mom so kids feature prominently [00:05:46] in the thought process. I love to travel and love to writeand I guess that’s who I am.

Rachel: Mmm. I love that. I love that. I love thinking of it in those terms of who you are as what you think about what that’s just a new way to think about that. I wouldn’t [00:06:01] have I wouldn’t have thought of that. Do you have a personal motto or a quote?

Mary Scott: You know because I was in the Air Force for 10 years, I was active 5 and in the garden reserves another five, I really did just internalize our Air Force motto [00:06:16] Integrity first, service before self, and excellence in all we do and you’ll you would find that woven through my politics, you know woven through the things that I’ve done professionally and you know, I suppose reaching way back I could You know come up with something. That [00:06:31] describes me my lifetime, but in terms of kind of how I live my life and my professional life: Integrity Service Excellence. Those are the things that drive me.

Rachel: Liz, So let’s let’s kick it over to you. Can you tell us a little bit about you? You have a pretty interesting background. [00:06:47] 

Liz: Well, thank you. So I’m Elizabeth BeShears, but please call me Liz. I was born in Orlando, Florida, but moved to Huntsville Alabama, as a very very young child that goes about nine months old. So for all intents and purposes I have lived in Alabama my entire [00:07:02] life. I’ve actually lived in every major city in the state and a few minor ones. I’ve spent time living in Huntsville Mobile Birmingham Montgomery Tuscaloosa, and I guess I grew up in a Tiny Town Grant [00:07:18] close to Guntersville andHuntsville. So I really have loved this state and know it really really well. knowall parts of it. I worked in politics for a while doing campaigns and policy [00:07:33] and nonprofit space for a couple years and then about three years ago I stopped doing working for elected officials and started doing campaigns and then about a year ago, now, I stopped doing [00:07:48] any political work which has been really really interesting. So now I am a communications consultant. I do a lot of work with small tech companies and Small Business Development up starts helping them talk to [00:08:03] their potential customers and tell their story in a way that they can understand. I’ve actually done a little bit of copy work for Mary Scott’s husband, which was really rewarding and really went a long way in helping me find that I was really interested in doing that kind of work. So I worked with Mary Scott [00:08:18] back in my political Life Time on her campaign.

but in my free time [00:08:33] really I’m a reader and a writer and a traveler are probably the three things that I love most. I am married my husband and I, James BeShears is his name, we’ve been married for almost six years now, we don’t have any kids, but we just are [00:08:48] loving, you know living life as as young people in Birmingham and and really getting connected to the community that we’ve built here and just have really loved seeing Birmingham change and grow and expand [00:09:03] just in the in the six years that we’ve lived here. It’s been really gratifying to see and to really in a lot of ways to be a part of that growth. Like I mentioned I really really love to travel. It’s probably the thing I’m most passionate about is seeing [00:09:18] other parts of the world and and learning the stories and hearing the stories and making friendships across the country and across the world.

Mary Scott: That is no joke. You should follow her on Instagram if you want to Total FOMO like maybe a little jealousy too [00:09:33] I mean you might have let’s see ya. 

Liz:So I do have a personal blog where I write about. Okay, I writeabout everything from insecurity and anxiety to you the best way to make use of your time in Rome to how to [00:09:48] pack for business trips because I do a lot of travel for business as well. So and that is and you can also follow me on Instagram at @LizBeShears if you want [00:10:03] to see some more about my travels and are interested in that kind of thing. I’ve tried I tried to make it a really fun and inclusive community. So I would love if you would follow along but what else is there about me what happened really tall your siblings? I’m really 6 feet tall. [00:10:18] I’m 6 feet tall. I’m one of six siblings. So I’m the oldest girl, but I’m also the third child so I have a lot of oldest child, tendencies, and personality quirks and a lot of middle child. I’ll go from being. Okay. I’m the one in charge here to Why is nobody paying attention to me? I’m just in the middle child very quickly and being part of a big family is a huge part of my identity. It really is and I have [00:10:48] very close-knit family and love that. 

Rachel: What’s your personal motto?

Liz: I have a couple can I share more than one? 


Liz: Okay. So the first one is “Strength rejoices in the challenge,” and actually [00:11:03] stole that from Hillsdale College is a super small conservative College in Michigan and it it’s just it’s something it’s almost a mantra I say to myself when I’m getting frustrated or things are difficult is [00:11:18] that I have been blessed with the strength to make it through these challenges. So I need to rejoice in the struggle right now. And then the other one is, and if you’ve worked with me in a professional [00:11:33] capacity at all, you’ve heard me say I know you’ve heard me say this is we’ll figure it out. And that was just kind of how I approach everything and that, you know, 

Mary Scott: That worried me a little bit at the beginning when you used to say that but then you really would figure it out. 

Liz: We live in a time and a place right now where you can learn how to do almost anything for free or very cheap on the internet. So if I don’t know how to do it either I could figure out how to do it where I can find somebody who can help me do it. 

Rachel: Amen [00:12:03] 

Liz: very easily and made for, you know, so there have been all kinds of things that I’ve learned how to do just because it was necessary. And so I really take that to heart not only in my professional life, but in my personal life too is like, okay. Well we’re coming up on [00:12:18] a season in our life and we don’t know what to expect and we don’t know how we’re going to make it through it will figure it out. I know we can do it. 

RachelHmm. Yeah. It was I think you and I are actually a lot alike as I mean, it’s fun. We know each other but like you learn more, you know, you ask these questions of each other and you learn [00:12:33] more about each other. But the more I hear you describe yourself. I’m like well, we have a lot in common. 

Liz: I think we do. . 

Rachel: I’ll share a little bit about myself. So I grew up in Birmingham. And so just very, you know, Southern wonderful upbringing and [00:12:48] loved it loved it. But when I graduated I wouldn’t decided you know what I’m gonna go pretty far away. I got a soccer scholarship to a small school in South Florida. So I was about 12 hours away. And I think that was just a fantastic thing [00:13:03] for me. It’s sort of launched me into what I think is my natural personality, which is to just kinda go forth and try new things and be adventurous. So when I was younger, I was I was kind of the shy kid in class. I was always like [00:13:18] the loyal sidekick to whatever very outgoing best friend that I had and I always loved that but I think it kind of also helped me mold. What I think is a big part of my identity, which is I really like to be the underdog. I like to I kind [00:13:33] of like to be underestimated and then silently and quietly be churning away working really really hard and then coming out and surprising people that I’ve never thought of it until I was kind of reflecting for this podcast, but [00:13:48] I sort of take pride in that so I’m kind of like a Gentle Spirit. I enjoy supporting other people, but I’m also rather intense, rather driven and I just really like to work hard and hopefully that’s hopefully that’s what [00:14:03] what I’m doing in my life anyway, so I graduated from 

Rachel: I actually have a funny cruise missile story about Rachel Rose when the time is right. Oh, no. [00:14:18] Like I couldn’t see it coming, you know, so but we’ll wait on you guys. 

Rachel: Oh, I love that. Yeah, you know what that is, that could be a motto like you didn’t even see it coming. I kind of enjoy that bad boy. I didn’t see it coming. Yes. Oh [00:14:33] just I’ve been married for so I graduated, you know went to the small school in Florida. My first job was as a TV reporter up in Richmond, Virginia, and y’all I just have to tell you I am so glad I’m old enough that YouTube was not around when [00:14:48] I was a reporter. I am so glad I would have been one of those memes that are like passed around like look at this reporter who’s like trying to make a big deal out of the fact that there is a little bit like I remember getting sent out on a story and they were like, it’s supposed [00:15:03] to snow. We’re supposed to have the first snow and so I was a live morning reporter and so here I am on live TV. Just hoping that some snowflakes come down because that’s my story and I’m just standing there being like, I think I see one everybody. Oh there. Oh wait, that’s not, That’s [00:15:18] fuzz, you know and just

Speaker 2: I

Speaker 1: can’t even imagine how ridiculous so thank you God that there was no YouTube. So I Married young and we started a family young. I had [00:15:33] my first child at, let’s see 23 years old. We have five children. We’ve been married for 14 years. And you know, I think that I kind of take for granted sometimes that like, I sort of think that’s just sort of normal but you know, people say [00:15:48] often what you have five children and it kind of felt like, oh, I guess that is somewhat unusual but it’s just it’s such a joy. So now that I’m in my mid-30s and we’re sort of through all the diapers and the just the [00:16:03] crazy crazy years that you know, you don’t even know what’s going on in the world because you’re just so tired and exhausted its kind of this neat thing to look back and be like, okay. That was let’s just say it’s somewhat challenging to be a young mother. Um, [00:16:18] but, you’re like looking around your friends who are all single and they’re like out there, you know, and they’re like, what are you doing? I’m like I was up all night feeding my baby. But you know to be passed that stage. My youngest is now five years old. It just feels really it’s [00:16:33] a rich stage of life. I mean, I’m very happy. So we lived lots of places we started out in Washington DC then we moved over to Naples Italy and that was just an incredible experience. Then we moved to Miami Florida up to [00:16:48] the Fort Lauderdale Florida area and then here to Huntsville Alabama. So that’s all another part of my identity. I just feel like I am really happy that we kind of up and moved far away and just, you know took the opportunity to do that while the kids were young. [00:17:03] So that’s kind of me. I work with a public policy Think Tank, I also own my own business. I’m pretty similar industry as Liz’s in I’m a communication consultant and trainer so I go into companies and [00:17:18] I do trainings and I help people connect and work together better also do marketing type materials and then like Liz, I’m a contributor in Alabama media; op-eds and things like that. So just a lot of fun a lot of creativity [00:17:33] a lot of Challenge and that’s what I really thrive on. So I say my motto this is kind of fun is to be a roaring lamb. And I take that word wrote those words roaring lamb from [00:17:48] a book by Bob Reiner. It’s a it’s a journalism book from a long time ago. But basically what it means to me is be a lamb, but be a roaring lamb and the best way I can like kind of described in this is very much who I am, but if you’re sitting at [00:18:03] my desk on the one side, I’ve got a picture of Wonder Woman with the word courage across and I just stare at that when I’m like really wanting to harness, you know courage and then on the other side, I’ve got a beautiful hand-drawn picture of Jesus [00:18:18] holding a little lamb and the Lamb’s like kind of cradled in his arms and my name Rachel actually means little lamb. And so I think that kind of captures my the two sides of my personality frankly. In fact when I was little I mean my initials were Reb [00:18:33] Rachel Elizabeth Blackmon and so I would just put like REB like the my initials on my backpack to me. That was like so cool that my initials were REB. Like, I just want to be a rebel but not on the other side. Like I said, I was like kind of a shy little lamb. So [00:18:48] I think for me bringing those two sides of my personality into harmony has been an opportunity and a challenge where you know, if you know me really well, I don’t like to ruffle feathers. I don’t I do not enjoy conflict. I really want everybody to be happy and just [00:19:03] get along that’s don’t like conflict. But you know, like like I said before I’m pretty driven. I’m pretty intense. I mean, I’m just like, you know, so you you can ruffle feathers that way and

Mary Scott: so Rachel just said  That she’s [00:19:18] a roaring lamb. So but really you do get the lamb part first. Like you think you know, you think you think she’s beautiful and she’s blonde and she’s teeny weeny and you know, she’s got these 5 kids and like, you know, you just don’t have the [00:19:33] Roaring part in your mind when you get to know her initially so she came to my office and I’m running for political office. I’m super on edge because I’m running for an office and she said so she sits down and flips open her pad [00:19:48] and starts asking me these piercing questions, like I just met her minutes ago.

Rachel: Well, we have to clarify that you know, I feel like I’m a reporter through and through at heart. I do other things but like that’s what I was trained in and at the time I was editing [00:20:03] a Statewide well known online meet newspaper or news outlets. So it was for a story on the record. I didn’t just like take it and run with it. 

Liz We’re just here to hang out just gonna hang out tell me everything. [00:20:19] 

Rachel: That was so much fun. But I have to say that that’s when I really really decided. I really like Mary Scott and I respect her a lot because I did ask her some hard questions and unlike some folks who actually take offense, you know, I reporters you answered my [00:20:34] questions with just such Poise and courage and straightforward authenticity. You didn’t try to you know, kind of hedge and have it both ways and I was like, oh thank you. That is wonderful. So that’s how we met and that’s why I decided I really liked you

Mary Scott: well and you when you reported [00:20:49] what I said, you were reported it fairly and that was that meant a lot to me

Liz: That’s refreshing. 

Mary Scott: It really was. I met Liz of off and on I’ve known Liz from politics, but Liz came on my campaign as my [00:21:04] campaign manager when I was running for Statewide office and Liz is 6 feet tall and every bit of six feet tall and she orange and she’s like and I’m not afraid to wearing heels. You on top [00:21:19] on at all day. She’s she’s just this strong amazon presence and I thought I mean my first thought was before I even cheap and spoke. I’m like, I’m gonna hire her because she can just stand next to me with kind of authority and like probably take somebody down and be my body guard but Liz is also really complements me because she’s really organized and I’m not really a detail person I struggle with that as a believe [00:21:50] it or not as a lawyer that’s been something I’ve had to train myself to do but Liz is super organized and she packs with packing cubes and like I [00:22:06] can you go by CVS and buy me some like, you know shampoo because I forgot all my toiletries or like for the fifth time on a trip. I’m like Liz. I forgot all my underwear gotta go 

Liz: That happened. And you know, they say you never really know somebody until you live [00:22:21] with them. Well Mary Scott and I spent, I don’t know how many over you know over the course of the six months that we work together and hotel rooms together you’re too because we’re fiscally conservative people. We wanted to be responsible with with the donors money. [00:22:36] So we would share a hotel room. and y’all. I am I am a detail. Like I’m not the my house is not always going to be perfect. But I I do I’m a very detail-oriented person. [00:22:52] It’s so there are some there were some times one time in particular where are you know, I was packing light. So I didn’t pack my shampoo and conditioner knowing we were going to a hotel so that there would be some their in comes Mary [00:23:07] Scott with this thick mass of curly hair. She has

Mary Scott: I have a lot of hair

Speaker 1: I go take a shower and there’s no conditioner left because 

Mary Scott: details Details sorry it’s okay. 

Liz: It’s [00:23:22] okay. 

Mary Scott:I sometimes the sensitivity piece gets it’s not that I’m insensitive. I just am not a very detailed person. I kind of followed by those. I know you needed to occur. 

Rachel:They weren’t you like waking up at that o dark thirty and doing all

Mary Scott: right. Well, so I have [00:23:37] this thing. I am an early like super early riser and if I’m up I just think everybody should be up like I am y’all know. What’s the earliest texts you’ve ever gotten from me. Rachel

Rachel: was oh well, I mean, maybe five something. [00:23:52] Yeah. Yeah.

Mary Scott: Yeah. Sorry about that.

Liz: Yeah, it’s so funny because like I get up at a what I consider to be a pretty early hour of between 6:00 and 6:30. And I mean that works for me I get all my stuff done. I’m ready to go when I need to be ready to go. But the Mary [00:24:07] Scott is like on the hotel room floor doing yoga cat-cow thing. I like 4:30 in the morning. Like what have I gotten myself into 

Mary Scott: Sorry about that Liz 

Rachel: I love it. 

Liz: Well, no, but I do it every [00:24:22] morning now to because it is so good for your Mobility. It’s very good for your back. It’s very good for your body. Well, unless I met actually around us. 

Rachel:Well, I met Liz before I met Mary Scott, but Liz is a wonderful writer. She’s been writing [00:24:37] for a long time for She’s fantastic. You should check out her blog for sure. So anyway, when I was working with that News website, we I guess I interviewed you lives if you want to put it that way. It just felt like a more like a meeting though just to kind of [00:24:52] chat and I was so distracted by your awesome style. I was like looking at your earrings out the corner like are those Kate Spade, you know, are those Kendra Scott so pretty 

Liz: It’ssso funny you say that because you walk [00:25:07] in and you’re like wearing this crisp white button-down and I can’t remember exactly your outfit crisp white button-down and darks slacks and then just like this really cute belt and you’re just so pulled together and just so [00:25:22] it’s so stylish and I was like, oh, she’s really she’s really beautiful and she’s really got it together and you can tell I like her. 

Liz: Well, I was so impressed by you too. And I just

Mary Scott: I can’t remember what I wore yesterday. 

Rachel: Just kind of quickly want to talk about [00:25:37] what we hope this podcast to be and what we hope this community to be so when we started talking about this, in fact Mary Scott, why don’t you kind of share how this idea even came up and then we’ll talk about how we picked our name and what we what we want it to be.

Mary Scott: Well [00:25:52] I can about what what do I really want to do? What am I passionate about? What what what could I do that? You know would be worthwhile and interesting and and I wanted a team, [00:26:07] you know so much of what I’ve done in my life that I’ve really enjoyed has been with other people and you are two of my very best friends and it occurred to me as I was, I’m a I’m a lawyer and another [00:26:22] term for lawyer is counselor. And I truly do find myself being a counselor a lot, which is amazing because I’m a pretty impatient person. I usually just like you need to fix this. You know, I mean, I’m like not a very I’m not I’ve become a better listener, but [00:26:37] I was thinking about you two and thanking the value of us having our little conversations every now and then when we either get together or we just have a group text just being able to tell you. Hey, this is what I’m thinking about or this is what happened to me today or what do you think [00:26:52] about this thing that you saw in the news or that the and and just how how we’re I believe that we are wired to be in community. You know, that’s a that’s a faith idea, but it’s also just a human idea and so [00:27:07] podcasting offers us the opportunity to talk to each other first and foremost, but also just be, you know, create a community of I presume we’re going to have mostly women listeners, but may have some others too and that’s whoever [00:27:22] but just inspiring that that sense of community and giving women especially a sense that I need a friend. I need a best friend. I need a community. I need I need people I can connect with and that’s not [00:27:37] just important for your you know for your peace of mind and your your soul but it’s important for your career. It’s important if you’re you know, if you’re facing a tough challenge, it’s important if your marriage is in trouble, it’s important for accountability. It’s [00:27:52] just if you’re trying to lose weight, if you’re whatever if you’re sick, if you’re you know, even if you have a joy to go have a cocktail with and you know have a toast, I mean there’s so I was hoping with Belle Curve that we would be able to do that.

Rachel: Hmm. I love that [00:28:07] and you know one of the names as you were speaking I was thinking about when the names we almost went with which was Head and Heart with Mary Scott Rachel and Liz because you’re really getting at the heart. We want this wonderful Community, but also our promise to [00:28:22] you as our community is that we’re going to bring our head as well. The three of us are pretty interested in science. We’re pretty interested in research. And so that’s you know head and heart is really what we’re hoping to bring and so we we are excited about the topics. We’re going to talk about we want to talk about [00:28:37] life and parenting and business and money marriage travel really things that if you found us that we’re hoping that in you’re listening right now, we’re hoping that you get as excited and geeked out on as we do, you know things like life hacks and work [00:28:52] hacks and how to negotiate and set your prices if you’re an entrepreneur, but you know also how to be a good great wife and mother and person and we think that you all have just so much to add as well. So we’re hoping that we’ll have a nice online community where we can learn from you and really engage [00:29:07] you and and bring you our best every time that we presume to get on this podcast and speak Mary Scott. Do you want to maybe talk to us a little bit about how we then came in? Yes the name 

Mary Scott: so so I invited you to because you both have [00:29:22] teamwork is important and we each bring different skills and abilities to this effort. It was kind of a match made in heaven that we each could take on these different aspects of this challenge because of putting on a podcast is not like a little thing [00:29:38] and the other thing is we had to decide what we wanted to talk about. What were our topics and like have y’all ever had like Bible study but it’s not really Bible study or book club that is not really what club you know. You know, [00:29:53] you wind up talking about all sorts of things and yes there are head things heart things and everything in between but Belle Curve the name because that was getting back to your original question with the E so Belles because we’re you know, three southern belles. So now the Belles [00:30:08] but but also just the idea that you know, women are interested in science and women are interested in mathematics and women are interested in theories and women are interested in how to further their careers and serious hard topics, but let’s face it, you know, we also [00:30:23] had to figure out how in the heck am I going to get my husband to put his wallet in the same place every time he comes home. 

Liz: That sounds sounds like there’s a story behind it

Mary Scott: [00:30:38] and the you know, the curve encompasses everything everything. I mean everything happens somewhere on that line. So that was what attracted me to the name.

Rachel: Yeah, and we also want to mention [00:30:53] Mary Scott. I’d love for you to speak to this. I think you you can share it. Well, just what Belle Curve is not since its kind of a famous book as well. We have learned. Yeah,

Mary Scott: so we were we loved our name and we were like, oh, yeah, we found a name and then [00:31:08] somebody said, well, there’s this book that you know has some very objectionable content. That is absolutely its controversial for reasons for good reason and it’s not a book that we any [00:31:23] of us had ever read or even ever even heard of and it’s not what we’re about and so if you’ve read that book and it’s called the bell curve just know that that’s not what our podcast about we had. We weren’t even aware that book.

Rachel: Well, so [00:31:38] Liz is going to be doing a lot of our social media and stuff. So it was can you kind of tell everybody where they can find us where they can connect with us. 

Liz: You can visit our website where you can listen to all of the episodes and see our show notes It’s and see lots of other fun goodies will have [00:31:53] on there at and then on Instagram and Twitter and Facebook. We’re going to be at @bellecurvepod.

Rachel: Great and Mary Scott. Where can we find you on Instagram?

Mary Scott: I am Mary Scott Hunter on Instagram.

Rachel: Perfect. And I’m at [00:32:08] Rachel Blackmon Bryars. So we look forward to connecting with you and we hope that you’ll join us for next time because we have a pretty interesting topic to talk about it’s the science of annoyance. Why do we get annoyed with what we get annoyed with and so Mary Scott Liz and I will kind of [00:32:23] give you a little insight into the things that the bug is and we’ll talk about why and how to deal we’re excited about about that episode. So thank you so so much for joining us for letting us kind of rattle off a little bit about who we are like Mary Scott said that’s kind of hard to do when [00:32:38] you get down to it. So cheers guys, first episode whoo-hoo. All right. Thank you all and we will see you next time.