18. Neuroscience, Unconventional Living, and Facing Unfairness – a Convo with Rachel Medefind

Remember when we talked about real-life heroes? This week the Belle Curve hosts interview Rachel B’s kindred spirit, dear friend of 15+ years, and real-life hero, Rachel Medefind (we’ll call her Rachie).

Rachie lives in the Washington, D.C.-area and is a mother of five, a homeschooling parent, an adoptive mother, a foster parent, a neuroscience graduate student, and someone who grew up in the Philippines as a missionary kid. She is married to Christian Alliance for Orphans (CAFO) President and CEO Jedd Medefind and in this episode, Rachie shares her insights on super-challenging topics such as:

–       How to opt-out of the conventional American parenting rat race and do so with beauty and intentionality.

–       How to handle the natural feelings of loss, grief, perhaps even depression, that may come in the early stages of motherhood.

–       The neuroscience of early development and the value of love and connection.

–       What it is like to be an adoptive & foster parent.

–       How to face injustice – in the world and in our lives.

–       How strong women can emulate Jesus.

–       What to do you do when you are personally mistreated.

–       What neuroscience says about emotional regulation, mental illness, and wellbeing.

–        How to offer micro mercies.

–       Alternative approaches to feminism for strong women.

–       How thoughts scientifically shape who we are. 

Challenge for this week: Examine your thoughts and emotions and mindfully think about how they are shaping who you are becoming. 

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