Have you ever reflected on your life and thought – something has to change because I’m not sure I can keep going this way? 

Today we are talking about making hard health choices that can transform our wellbeing. 

Changing health habits can be extremely hard, but well worth it.

We talk about three main areas: Sleep, Food, and Exercise and share personal stories and tips about how we have changed our lives by changing our health habits. 


Article: Distinctive Brain Patterns Help Habits Form

Fitbit to track sleep

Sleep Cycle – app that tracks sleep quality

Article: If you live in parts of Alabama, you are likely sleep-deprived … and courting disease or death

Book: Sleep Smarter by Shawn Stevenson

New Bedding Rachel Bought:

 Coop Home Goods Pillows

Helix Mattress

Brooklinen sheets 

Snake Plants for the bedroom

Light-blocking stickers for electronics in bedrooms

Magnesium supplements (all Rachel’s supplement brands, etc. are chosen by looking at Consumer Labs Research)

Target Blackout curtains

f.lux app that blocks bluelight on cell phones and computers at night

Delicious recipes in this Whole30 Cookbook

Trader Joe’s Golden Milk

Dove Dark Chocolate

The Power of Habit by Charles Duhigg

Apple Watch 


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