Today we are talking about those life hacks that we can’t live without, those tips, those tricks that make our lives easier as busy working women.  We cover this topic in three major areas:  personal well-being, money management, and home and family life.   

Host:   Rachel Blackmon Bryars 

Personal Care/Wellbeing

[2:55] Azaleic Acid from The Ordinary

[3:35] Coconut Oil as a facial moisturizer

[4:50] Bali, Mary Scott’s favorite bra brand

[7:10] Native, Rachel’s favorite brand of natural deodorant

[7:45] Kiss Press on Nails

[9:30] Liz’s blog post about walking every day of 2018


[13:00] You Need a Budget

[13:25] Retail Me Not

[14:25] Dave Ramsey cash budget wallet

[16:20] Shipt grocery delivery

[18:15] Using Travelocity and Expedia for travel package deals

Home and Family Life

[19:00] Compression packing cubes

[22:35] Cozi calendar app for families

[24:05] Baron Weather Services alert app

[25:00] Get yourself a Crock Pot!

The One Big Thing

Mary Scott’s: Pride of finishing well on the State Board of Education

Rachel’s: The way we really feel will absolutely come through when we’re communicating. We have to do the hard, interior work of forgiveness and clear communication.

Liz’s: The KonMari method

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