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It’s important to carefully consider the importance of confidences.  If we treat confidences lightly, there’s every reason to think that relationships will be surface and not deep, that our professions could be stymied, and some would say that confidence keeping has spirit and soul implications.  

Key Points:

  • Professional confidentiality is required in certain professions.
  • Professionals mush understand what information should be protected and what information must be disclosed.  
  • Islam, Hinduism, Judaism, Buddhism, and Christianity all speak to rules for living one’s life and rewards in this life and the next for living “right.” 
  • The World Religions tend to reinforce that keeping confidences is right.
  • Keeping the confidences of family members and friends can be challenging and sticky.
  • There’s an important difference between secrets and privacy.  Secrets are generally not ok, but privacy is ok.  
  • There are different kinds of friends – new friendships and old ones, friendships built around an activity or hobby and friendships that are built around confidences.  It is important to understand the kind of friendship you have with your friend before confiding.  
  • Sometimes you have a to break a confidence.  
  • When you or another break a confidence, there are ramifications.
  • Expect a period of rebuilding after a trust has been broken.  

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