No matter our career field or volunteer role or personal goals, we are willing to bet selling is at least some part of it – be that selling an idea, selling a product, selling yourself as a service provider, or maybe selling someone on why they should support a cause. 

Selling is part of life and work and yet – so many of us really don’t like it or at the least, struggle with it, and sometimes even fear it. 

The social science literature has a name for fear of sales—researchers call it sales call anxiety, or SCA. In one 2000 article in the Journal of Marketing, Willem Verbeke and Richard Bagozzi defined sales call anxiety as, “an irrepressible fear of being negatively evaluated and rejected by a customer” and they say SCA consists of four components: 

  • Negative self-evaluations
  • Negative evaluations from customers
  • Awareness of physiological symptoms (like a queasy stomach, shaky voice, and blushing) and
  • Protective actions like avoiding eye contact and fiddling with the hands. 

It is fascinating how fear affects our minds and bodies and can get in the way of our goals and that is why we are thrilled to have Lisa Leide, a rockstar sales rep in the pharmaceutical industry, on the show today to help us get better at this.

Lisa has been working in pharmaceutical sales for more than 20 years and her resume is packed with awards and honors related to being a top sales performer. She most recently won the Silver award for Agility, Accountability, and Intrapreneurship. She has won awards such as the Top Seed award, Partnership award, she was a two time winner of the Vice President’s award when she was with Merck and in the past ten years or so, she has specialized in working with pulmonologists, immunologists, pediatric pulmonologists among others, and besides all this, she is a wonderful wife and mother and fantastic leader in the community. 

In this interview, Lisa delivers a wealth of knowledge, know-how, and tips to succeed in any endeavor that requires focus, grit, determination, and the ability to overcome fear to reach our goals. 

Lisa’s Top 5 Key Components for Sales Success:

1. Be a Subject Matter Expert

2. Be Genuinely Interested In The Customer or Client’s Needs

3. Actively Listen and Craft Appropriate Responses

4. Surround Yourself With Those Who Make You Better 

5. Never Take A No Personally


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