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We recorded this on Friday, March 27, and we share the date because we are living in strange times related to the coronavirus pandemic – and we’re aware that by the time you hear this, things may have changed in the world, even in a matter of days, so if we say anything that sounds irrelevant … that’s why!

We are joined today by a special guest: Christina Semmens. Christina has been there for me in a special way for years. I’ve talked before on Belle Curve about how I have a spiritual mentor who I meet with on a regular basis and Christina has been a tremendous source of wisdom and support in my life. I wanted to bring her on to discuss how we can process coronavirus through a spiritual lens, and how we can grow in faith during difficult times in general. We know not everyone who listens to Belle Curve shares the same beliefs, but we’re confident that what we’ll talk about today will be an encouragement to all of us. 

Christina is the author of a new book called “Say Yes: Discovering Purpose, Peace, and Abundance in Daily Life” and she is a speaker and coach who produces online courses, a really helpful email newsletter, and a podcast about pursuing faith. She’s a former active duty Army officer and also served in the Reserves. She holds a M.A. in History and an M.A. in Theology and has experience working in a number of military, non-profit, and church settings.

In this episode, we discuss loss, fear of loss, how to cultivate a spirit of “detachment”, integrating faith into the whole person, and practical ways to turn Coronavirus lemons into lemonade.

Connect with Christina at her website Say Yes To Holiness , where you can find a variety of helpful resources. She is also on Facebook and Instagram.


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