After last week’s very raw show, we decided to follow up with some practical, helpful and edifying discussion about life in the times of Covid 19.  We came across Lori’s blog where she talks about handling the feelings associated with the pandemic. It takes some good emotional intelligence and self-awareness to best position yourself, and we just loved Lori’s take.

Lori King-Taylor is a noted executive advisor, thought leader, and keynote speaker on Cognitive LeadershipTM, the concept of reconfiguring the brain’s pathways and connections for optimal leadership. Through her speaking and consulting work, Lori demonstrates how to bridge leadership and science by learning to rewire your mindset to harness your emotions; channeling the power you already possess to make positive changes to your career and relationships. She is the CEO of Trinity Performance Solutions, a consultancy that advises corporate leaders and professional associations on key drivers and methods to fuel their growth. TPS has worked with leading organizations such as General Motors, US Steel, and NASA. As a speaker, Lori examines how changing our thought processes and habits through deliberate exercises can actually rewire our brains for the optimal characteristics of leadership. Her keynotes have been heard at conferences and corporations globally. In addition to her speaking and consulting, Lori is an active member of her community and has served on numerous boards dedicated to serving others. She is an active member of the National Society of Human Resources and the National Speakers’ Association (NSA). Because of Lori’s passion to serve others, she commits 10% of all earning to charity and missions that help make this world a better place. Lori earned her Master’s degree in Training and Organizational Development from Penn State University. She currently lives in Madison, Alabama with her Rocket Scientist husband, two sons and her beloved rescue dogs.