In this week’s episode of Belle Curve we discuss Sorry Syndrome. What is Sorry Syndrome? It’s basically the compulsion to apologize for things incessantly, even when they’re things outside our control. Here are a few signs you might be afflicted, according to a few articles we found: 

  • You apologize for things you have no control over
  • You apologize for someone else’s actions
  • You apologize for normal, everyday interactions (e.g. scooting past someone who is seated on your row in a movie theater or airplane)
  • You apologize to inanimate objects
  • You apologize for things you don’t think are wrong
  • You apologize when you’re trying to be assertive

Instead of saying sorry flippantly, a good trick to find if something needs an apology or not is ask yourself “do I need to ask for forgiveness?”

When to Ask for Forgiveness

  • Apologize when you’ve harmed someone.
  • Do it when you’ve offended, disappointed, or hurt a person’s feelings.
  • Ask for forgiveness when you regret your behavior.
  • Be capable of asking for forgiveness every time you make a mistake and your mistake affects others.
  • Apologize to end disputes and leave behind old grudges.
  • Learn to be able to ask yourself for forgivenessAll of us make mistakes or make inappropriate choices.