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Have you ever opened your closet only to have a comedic shower of shoe boxes or purses rain down? Or shuffled through your desk looking for a particular Very Important Paper? Or raided the pantry looking for a last-minute meal, only to realize your stock is full of expired tuna cans and condiments you bought from TJ Maxx but never found a use for? 

We’ve probably all been there before. For Liz, her desk, bedside table, and dresser are landmines. They seem to become catchall piles that build and build until they overwhelm her. 

In this episode of Belle Curve, we talk to Kati Wadsworth. Kati is a Professional Organizer and owner of Custom Organization, LLC. She started Custom Organization, LLC because she has a real passion for organizing and felt that it was her calling to help others organize their lives. She can help you organize everything from your cluttered closet to your gross garage. While her degree is in business, she has been running Custom Organization LLC since 2012 and is now a Golden Circle member of the National Association of Productivity and Organizing Professionals.  

Though she lives in our backyard here in Alabama… She’s from up the road in Florence, we found Kati via an article in AAA Magazine.

Follow Kati via her website or on Instagram.

In this episode we discuss:

  • How people think they need tools, but really need systems
  • Some of the ways physical clutter and mental clutter are intertwined
  • How Kati is helps her clients make sense of their messes and while honoring mementos that could become clutter
  • Kati’s favorite spaces to organize
  • What rooms you should attack first