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Belle Curve Book Club Episode is coming up in early June, and we will be doing Wonder Girl – The Magnificent Sporting Life of Babe Didrikson Zaharias. This is one of Mary Scott’s all-time favorite books and a great, inspiring summer read! You will be a little bit better for knowing Babe’s story.   

Way back in April 2020, in Episode 45, 24 episodes ago, we talked with Dr. Neil Lamb of Hudson Alpha in a Belle Curve episode titled “Corona Virus and Credibility.”  That seems like a million years ago.  As you know, we strive for evergreen topics, but in the spring of last year, we did a couple of shows that were very much in the moment.  We just really felt we had to because Covid loomed so large everywhere with everyone in the whole world.

It is no less large today, but a lot has happened in a year, and we thought it would be a good time to talk with Dr. Lamb again, get a temperature check, so to speak.  We asked Dr. Lamb to break out his trusty crystal ball and give us a sense of what the future may yet hold regarding this pandemic.  

Dr. Neil Lamb is an award-winning science communicator who leads the educational outreach efforts at the HudsonAlpha Institute for Biotechnology in Huntsville, Alabama. He completed his PhD and postgraduate training at Emory University in Atlanta where he was also a faculty member in the School of Medicine. His career shifted from hands-on research to science education when he realized his true calling: inspiring a passion for human genetics and biotechnology in others. This past year, over 1.9 million students, educators, practitioners and members of the general public were impacted by the efforts of Dr. Lamb and his team.

Dr. Lamb Tweets at @neillamb, and you should check out his VLOG “Shareable Science”  with Dr. Neil Lamb.  

We talked with Dr. Lamb about our amazement at the progress made fighting COVID-19 and our nagging fears about safety.  Dr. Lamb helped us understand about the virus variants.  We talked about the future of work and community, and we talked about when herd immunity might be achieved.  

We closed by focusing for a few minutes on the broader work of Hudson Alpha, especially in the area of genomics and breast cancer.