The holidays are coming, and if you are like so many other families, you may be thinking “here we go with the family drama, fights, squabbles, disagreements, etc.”   

Internal family dissension can be BAD.  It messes with your head and can mess up other areas of your life because it is so hard to compartmentalize when the dissension is with or among those you love the most.   

Today, we talk about some famous feuds, what we have fought about in our own families, and some ways to cope and make family visits go better.   

Perspective matters a lot when it comes to this subject, so you’ll learn a little about an important concept, “Narcissism of Small Differences.”  You will also learn just how common internal family dissension really is. 

Need more info?  Here’s the resources we used today: 

National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation with Chevy Chase – Trailer, 1989 

The Narcissism of Minor Differences from, 2015 

Why Families Fight During Holidays – A time for good food, comfort, joy, and … “you could be so pretty if you only lost a little weight.” from The Atlantic, 2013 

The 8 Keys to Resolving Family Conflict from