We feel like we are on week gajillion of coronavirus quarantine! Anyone else feel the same? 
We are thrilled to this week interview Dr. Neil Lamb of HudsonAlpha Institute for Biotechnology, who has been creating short explainer videos that take the complicated COVID-19 situation and explain it in ways anyone can understand. 

In this episode, we get into:
– What’s Dr. Lamb’s process for finding trustworthy information?
– Tips for discerning whether info is credible or not.
– How did we, as a world, end up in this pandemic?
– What is the critical information we need to know right now (as of April 20)?
– Why COVID-19 is way more infectious than the flu.
– Why our collective behavior affects what happens next and why that’s empowering. 
– What we can do to show compassion to others.
– What Dr. Lamb finds most unsettling about this virus.
– What goes into creating a safe vaccine.
– Why we may never go back to exactly the way things once were, but why Dr. Lamb is “incredibly optimistic” about the way forward.
– What we could do better in the future if / when the next novel virus comes.
– Why it’s time for our nation to come together. 

You can learn more about Dr. Neil Lamb here, and you can follow HudsonAlpha Institute on Facebook and Twitter @HudsonAlpha, where they post links to the Shareable Science explainer videos. 
You can find all of Dr. Lamb’s Shareable Science videos at this link or by going to HudsonAlpha.org/shareable-science


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