With the terrible human impact COVID has wreaked, we expect many may not think of 2020 as a positive year. We certainly wish the world had never been inflicted with the pandemic.  Even so, we challenged ourselves  to answer the question, Has the pandemic prompted any positive outcomes in our lives?”   The truth is, there are some positives, and we hope you too will challenge yourself to think about the positives in 2020 as we move into a better 2021.  It’s a good exercise and a mindset gift you can give yourself to really think about what has been good in your life in 2020.  

Key Points: 

  • COVID caused a slowdown and allowed more of some things such as: sleep, family togetherness, and time.   
  • COVID drove some of us to tackle the household to-do list and projects that might have stayed on the list FOREVER, 
  • COVID sent us outside for our activities.   
  • COVID gave us an opportunity to do things that were hard and made us proud.   
  • COVID made hold-out employers finally, really accept telework as viable which benefits working women. 
  • COVID threatened our health, and we made some health changes in response.   

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