40. COVID-19: Our Raw Reactions, Thoughts, and Encouragement

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Hi Belle Curve community, we are recording this on Sunday March 15 during a time that can only be described as historic as the entire world watches and participates in events related to the global outbreak of Covid-19, otherwise known as the coronavirus. 

Today we are not here to dive into anything political or question how you and your family are responding. We’d like instead to process our thoughts and reactions with you and hopefully offer some encouragement for wherever you are and however this is impacting you and your loved ones. 

It’s been very eye-opening to watch worldwide coverage from Italy and other countries hit hard with the hospital overwhelm and deaths ticking up …  and also to see the immediate impact this is having right here in our communities – elderly people not being able to access supplies, the working poor whose sources of income have immediately evaporated, small businesses – I’ve been thinking a lot about personal trainers… hair stylists …restaurant owners…. Parents of kids who need certain therapies they aren’t able to access … the homeless … people in helping industries like nurses and doctors and those who help the aged and poor … journalists out there keeping us informed of what’s going on .. teachers learning how to teach online … 

There are many differing opinions out there about the virus itself and if we are doing too little or too much, but what is not disputed is that there are many many implications ranging from the uncomfortable to the devastating that our neighbors and community members are facing. Know that our thoughts and prayers are with each of you and your families and please reach out to us in our FB group Belle Curve Insiders if we can encourage you in any way.


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