39. How to Build and Break Habits

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We are officially 10 weeks into the New Year, which means we have had 70 days to either implement or break our New Year’s Resolutions. And for any of us who may follow a Christian traditional liturgical calendar, we’re also about two weeks into Lent, when many of us make a little sacrifice by giving up something or adding something to our day-to-day, and you know what all of these resolutions and sacrifices and lines in the sand about what we will and won’t do have in common?

 They pretty much all rely on changing or improving our habits.

 This show is all about HABITS because today is Belle Curve Book Club day and we read Atomic Habits by James Clear.

 Clear breaks his book down into 4 Laws about building good habits, and those are:  

1. Make It Obvious (Chs. 4-7)

2. Make It Attractive (Chs 8-10)

3. Make It Easy (Chs. 11-14)

4. Make It Satisfying (Chs. 15-17)

 and he inverts those laws to show us how to break bad habits and those inverse laws are:

1. Make It Invisible

2. Make It Unattractive

3. Make It Difficult

4. Make It Unsatisfying.

In this episode, we talk about specific habits we are trying to build and break. Join the convo! 


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